Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coronation of Poppaea

By Monteverdi
Opera Seria
Soprano, alto, castrato, chorus for tenors and basses
Librettist: Giovanni Busenello
Nero- Roman emperor, soprano (sometimes counter-tenor)
Poppaea- Nero's lover, soprano
Seneca- tutor and friend to Nero, philosopher, Bass
Ottavia- Nero's wife, Roman empress, soprano
Ottone (Otho)- Poppaea's husband, male alto
Drusilla- a lady of the court, soprano

Story has its basis in history instead of mythology.
Text- MOST IMPORTANT! drama and emotion
Montiverdi's style- freedom

Act III- scene 7
F Major modulates and ends in Bb major
Consuls and Tribunes singing during the crowning of Poppaea

Duet: Pur ti miro (I adore you)
A-B-B-A- lays foundation for A-B-A
G Major
Nero and Poppaea
Imitation style
Word Painting

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