Friday, March 26, 2010

The Creation

By Joseph Haydn
Soprano, tenor, bass soloists and SATB chorus
Unknown librettist; Baron von Swieten translated the English libretto into German so that Haydn could use it.
Genesis chapter 1
Additional text: Milton's Paradise Lost epic poem (7th and 8th books)
Work originally written: 1798
Massive work!!!!!!!
Popular in its time!
3 angels describe 6 days of creation in recitative
*Praises God and portrays Haydn's optimism regarding Christianity!!!
Grand chorus of praise concludes each day.

Overture: Representation of Chaos-
  • Starts with resounding C chord with the absence of a third
  • We are clued in to C Minor, then A flat major
  • CHAOS- no recognizable key!

Part 1, scene 3:
Uriel's Recitative (no. 12)- "Let there be light"
recitativo secco, C Major
free rhythm to reflect words
Jubilant C Major!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4/4, Andante

Uriel's Recitative (no. 13)- "In splendour bright"
2/2, Andante, D Major, recitativo accompagnato

Chorus and Trio no. 14- "The Heavens are Telling"
C Major
Begins with chorus and full orchestra in a firm C Major opening. Half note at start of each bar- unity
Homorhythmic- all voices are in motion simultaneously
First time trio sings- minor key
Chorus- major!
imitation, polyphonic
Clues listener into minor before end
Men and women separate in singing

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